Written by Digital Inclusion

The dissemination conference of the Digital Inclusion project at national level was organized and implemented by CARDET on 28th June, 2018 in Nicosia, Cyprus. During the event, twenty people participated, all of them working with migrants or asylum seekers. Most of the assistants were adult educators working for the Ministry of Education as adult trainers.

All participants filled the evaluation questionnaires. Overall, the feedback was very positive for all aspects, such as the organizational aspects and the content presented during the event.

Some additional comments that were written in the section “Additional comments, remarks, suggestions” include the following:

  • “Very good work"
  • “It would be ideal for the material to be translated in other languages, representing the languages of TCNs. Overall excellent work! Well done!”
  • “The modules to be translated in Arabic”
  • “Everything was so well explained and organised! Thank you!”

Digital Inclusion Dissemination Event 4