Written by Digital Inclusion

The dissemination event in Rovigo was held on 21st June, in the frame of the celebrations of the Refugee Day.

The presentation aimed to disseminate the project to collegues and volunteers from other entities and associations working in this area, in order to inform them about the educational opportunity offered by the Digital Inclusion platform and the possibility of joining the Network for cross-border cooperation. During the presentation enphasis was given on the website and the materials of the Modules, as most of the organisations that work with migrants put special effort on the importance of learning the language as an instrument for integration and independence. The participants agreed on the fact that the Digital Inclusion platform is a useful tool, as it is accessible and intuitive.

Fifteen people participated to the presentation that was held in Casa sant’Andrea, home of Associazione Sant’Andrea Apostolo della Carità.

The Digital Inclusion project event continued with a simbolic party to celebrate the refugees and asylum seekers' graduation from the junior high school this year, being also young people who took part in the test of the Digital Inclusion platform. The party was held in a public park and many representative of the civil society attended it, that was also a way to inform them about the Digital Inclusion project results. The students were proud of the diplomas that represented for them a step forward on their process of integration in Europe.

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