Written by Digital Inclusion

On June 20, 2018, in the frame of the World Refugee Day, in the main building of the Municipality of Burgas, Southeast Region of Bulgaria was held a local conference on the project "Digital tools for Inclusion of Refugees, Asylum Saeekers and Migrants ", ERASMUS+ Programme.

The conference aimed to familiarize representatives of local media, colleagues from the Municipality of Burgas and Sofia Municipality, colleagues from the social services department and representatives of civil society with the final results of the project and the education opportunities, provided by the developed interactive platform with 5 training modules. In addition, information for good practices for involvement and contribution of the civil society in the integration of migrants/refugees from the Last Transnational Partners Meeting and Multiplier Event in Madrid was presented. The poster and the brochure developed by the project partners also were presented.

The conference finished with a discussion between the participants on how to improve the integration process of refugees and asylum seekers at European level through the media work. The general opinion of the participants is that a positive attitude should be approached to this process. It is necessary to comment on and to be addressed the benefits for the host society from immigration processes - for example: cultural exchanges and the provision of a fresh labour forces for local labour market. It was noted that policy makers and decision makers should not tackle immigration issues, but analyse the causes of immigration and the opportunities for successful integration into the local community.

The conference was attended by 26 people - 6 media representatives, 14 colleagues from Burgas Municipality, 1 representative of Sofia Municipality, 3 representatives of NGO - sector and 2 representatives of the social services department.