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International Multiplier Forum took place in Madrid, Spain for adult education providers, professionals and migrants/refugees from the partner countries, in order to share and disseminate the developed intellectual outputs in the frame of the Digital Inclusion project.
The DGSSIS-CM was in charge of the event, inviting stakeholders and organising the logistic process. The participation of 111 local and 28 international assistants was registered, who analysed and discussed together both strengths and weaknesses of the delivered project outputs and project related topics.
The DGSSIS-CM hosted the event with the support of regional AEPs and administrations on 30th May 2018.

The Project Coordinator Mrs. Mariasuncion Molina introduced the project activities and achieved results. The Project team expert Ms. Ourania Miliou presented the developed in the frame of the project platform with e-learning modules and Phd. Mr. Stefanos Spaneas from the Nicosia University presented the assessment tool available at the course platform awarding certificate and ECTS for the learning process.

The representatives from the Spanish Ministries and the governmental officials from the Autonomous Community of Madrid talked about the National system for the Reception and Integration of refugees and asylum seekers, providing statistical data and practical issues. The function of the Refugees Reception Centres on the territory of Spain was explained. Different associations presented examples of successful projects which have shown the involvement and contribution of the civil society in the integration of the migrants/refugees.

The celebrated project event was especially interesting to the international guests who had the opportunity to learn about the experience of Spain and exchange their best practices in the filed with colleagues and experts from 6 Member States, for joint improvement of the integration process of refugees and asylum seekers at European level.

You can check the event's agenda here

Digital Inclusion Project Presentation

CAR Vallecas Presentation

San Egidio Association Presentation

Provivienda Association Presentation